Welcome to the Isle of Ely 20.

Learning is more than just lessons. We want every child at the Isle of Ely Primary School to have a wide range of experiences that they enjoy and rich memories they value. We want our children see a little more of the world and this can help to shape what’s important to them.

So, in a similar way to the National Trust's '50 things to do before you're 11 3/4', we began to build the Isle of Ely 20 (#IOE20). The school community made suggestions for activities and experiences you thought all our pupils would enjoy and value experiencing while they are at our school. We had around 100 suggestions.

The school councillors grouped similar suggestions together into one – e.g. ‘going on the river’ and ‘kayaking’ – as well as adding some of their own. This list was then voted on by all the children to decide which they most wanted to do. The end result being that we now had a finalised list of twenty experiences we wanted all our children to enjoy and remember. This is the list:

The Isle of Ely 20

Camp outdoors*

Sleepover at school

Cinema night at school (indoors or field) with popcorn and drinks


Drive a go kart

Take the train see a show

Fundraise for a charity*

Try archery

Go to a live music performance

Use a pottery wheel to make a pot and decorate it

Grow something and cook with it*

Visit an elite sporting event/venue

Have fun on the water (sailing in Ely)*

Visit another country

Ice Skating

Visit the beach / seal boat trip

Learn to play a musical instrument*

Visit the cathedral*

Picnic on Cherry Hill

Visit the Zoo*


The children designed badges that they will collect for each experience and the aim is to have twenty by the time a child in reception leaves us at the end of year 6. The badges are currently being made and we will be able to hand the first ones out at the end of this term (see below for the original designs next to mock-ups of their badges).

Currently, we have managed to have eight of them in place (shown with an asterisk on the list). We will continue to build up the activities over the coming year and will continue to build them in each year.

If you would like to get involved in helping to arrange any of the outstanding activities or know of any possible ways of helping them get off the ground, please contact the school.

The chosen designs


Try archery

Camp outdoors

Cinema night at school

Visit an elite sporting event/venue