Welcome to Year 4


Grasshopper and Moth classes are our Year 4 classes here at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page, you will be able to read all about our engaging curriculum for the half term and see all of our fantastic learning activities.

PE -  Monday and Friday for both classes 

Library - Thursday for Moth Class and Friday for Grasshopper. 

Who works in Year 4?

Miss Louise Crawley       Mrs Cheryl Westley


Mrs Katie Bartolozzi        Mrs Beth Wilshin


Miss Helen Pham

Our Curriculum                                                                      

This half term we will be learning:


Our non-fiction unit will focus on newspaper reports and we will be using Boy, Box, Baffled as our model to help us learn the key features needed to write a good newspaper report. We will build on the children’s previous knowledge of recounts, including writing in the past tense and in chronological order, as well learning how to write an introductory paragraph to share the important information such as what, when and where. We will also learn how to use a range of sentences to vary pace and create emphasis.  We will also revisit our understanding of how to accurately punctuate direct speech as well as recap the rules for using standard English when writing.


This half term we will be continuing to look at multiplication and division. The children will be learning written methods to help multiply and divide. Within multiplication they will be looking at multiplying more than two numbers. In division they will be looking at dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number, dividing a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number and then looking at remainders. Please ensure that your child is continuously practising their times tables at home.


In science this half term will we be looking at Ecology. Within this unit we will be exploring living things and their habitats, the different natural cycles, the web of livings things, air pollution and how it is a threat to the environment and then finally looking at ecology within our local area.


In history we are learning about the Tudors. We will begin by looking at the Life in Tudor England. Then we will delve into who Henry VIII was and what his impact on the English Reformation was before then exploring his children, Edward VI and Mary I.


In geography this half term we are going to be exploring London as our capital city. Within this unit we will be starting by finding out the history of London and how it expanded over time. Following on we will be exploring the industrial parts of London and their impacts. The children will think about planning a trip to London and looking at how they would travel their and back. We will also look into depth at the London underground and what its purposes were. Then finally we will be looking at what tourists would explore when visiting London.


In PE this half term the children will be practising the skills behind netball  and developing their fitness levels.  


In RE this half term we are learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam (Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sawn, Hajj) including the duties that Muslims should perform to fulfil these.


In Spanish, the children will start this half term with a cultural lesson finding out about Epiphany in Spain. We will revisit the months of the year in Spanish and will learn the nouns for family members. Using this new knowledge, they will create a family tree before moving on to learning facial features in Spanish and how to use colours as adjectives to describe parts of the face.


This half term we will be exploring the idea of hopes and dreams.  As well as discussing their own hopes, the children will be learning how to manage feelings of disappointment and how to change plans when needed.  We will also be learning how to break a larger goal or ambition into small steps that can be taken by individuals or as part of a group.


In art this half term we will be looking at light and space. We will be exploring how artists use light and shadow to focus on attention, and how artists they use light and shadow to create mood, They will also be understanding the relationships between 2D and 3D shapes and how artists can use a variety of techniques to create an illusion of depth.

Design Technology

In DT we will be looking at adapting a recipe by making different flavoured biscuits. During the unit we will be looking at following a recipe, testing and tasting ingredients, looking at designs and budgets and ending with a biscuit bake-off to see which one is the nicest. 


In music we will be exploring rock and roll music. The children will learn about the originals of this and the influences behind it. We will be creating our own music in this style too.


In this unit the children will develop their research, word processing, and collaborative working skills whilst learning how web pages and web sites are created, exploring how to change layouts, embed images and videos and link between pages.


Knowledge Organisers 

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see the progress they have made.




Religious Education






Our class text: Ariki and the Island of Wonders, Nicola Davies

Weekly Newsflash 12.02.24

This week, the children have been continuing to explore the journey story, Nail Soup.  We have finished our class innovations and are using our writing toolkits to help plan our independent hot writes.  Year 4 always have some very creative ideas so we can't wait to see what they produce after half-term!  In maths we have moved onto fractions, beginning with recapping our understanding of recognising mixed fractions and partitioning them.  After half-term we will be comparing and ordering them in different ways as well as converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers.  The children have completed end of unit quizzes in history and science this week as well as working in small groups to design and build a prototype for mindfulness timers in D&T. 

We hope you all have a lovely half-term and we look forward to seeing the children back on Monday February 26th.    

Weekly Newsflash 05.02.24

This week we have continued learning our model text, Nail Soup. The children have learned the model text well and can act it out with the class actions. See if your child can retell the story to you at home. In maths, we have been looking at the perimeter. The children have found it challenging at times as some of them are referring back to the area. We have learned that the perimeter is outside, area is inside! We have been looking at the perimeter in the grid, and seeing it was can use squares to help us work out the answer. In science this week, we have been looking at ecology in our local area. The children worked extremely well together creating their news reporter explaining how humans are a threat to our local area and how we can help protect it. Finally, in netball, we have been exploring shooting. The wind for sure wasn't on our side but the children were trying hard to ensure the correct technique was used. Have a lovely weekend and we shall see you next week for the last week of the half term.

Weekly Newsflash 29.01.24

This week we began a new unit in English, looking at journey stories based on the model text, Nail Soup.  The children have begun learning this new story as well as developing their understanding of writing split speech, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.  In geography we had a fun afternoon thinking about the wide range of tourist attractions that people visit in London; the children then used this knowledge along with previous learning this half-term to start creating their own websites about London.  In history we learnt more about Edward VI and his short reign as monarch.  

We really enjoyed having so many parents spend time with us for our maths 'Parent Share' on Tuesday.  It was wonderful to see the children working together solving problems and spotting patterns as well as showing their parents their growing maths confidence.  A few of you requested the website we use for problem solving activities like this which we have linked below.  

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Year 4 NRICH maths problems

Weekly Newsflash 22.01.24

This week in maths, we have moved on from multiplication and began to explore division. We started with exploring basic division and then moved onto understanding how to work out the answers with remainders. The children have worked hard, even when it got challenging. One thing we have learnt is that if we know our times tables, working out division answers becomes easier. In English, we have been writing our 'hot writes' based on Boy..Box..Baffled - a newspaper report. The children have used many of the tools learned from our short burst lessons and they have ensured that when it came to editing, they referred to their 'rule kits'. 

Have a lovely weekend.  

Weekly Newsflash 15.01.24

Another week has gone by incredibly quickly!  This week the children have continued exploring different ways we can solve multiplication calculations with two and three digit numbers.  The children have been working really hard on this, using the multiplication knowledge and place value skills to help them.  In English we have been writing our class innovated versions of a recount, next week the children will be writing their own fully independent ones.  In history we learnt about King Henry VIII and what he was like before and during his reign as well as his six wives and their different fates!  In Geography we used our map skills to plan the route we would need to take to get from Ely to London, can your child tell you how they would get there?  

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing Year 4 next week, hopefully with some warmer weather!

Weekly Newsflash 08.01.23

That's week 2 completed already! What a fun, busy week we have had in Year 4. The children have dived straight into their learning, dedicating all their time to making sure that their work is of a high standard. We have continued learning multiplication and division with a focus on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. Please can we ask that your children continue to practice their times tables and it is noticeable which gaps the children have now. In English, we have continued to learn our model text. We have looked at what tools the model text has, boxed the text up and began to write our class innovation. As per, the afternoons are so busy. We have loved learning through a new scheme in PSHE called Jigsaw. The children were really engaged throughout and show respect and honesty throughout, even when answering challenging questions. Have a lovely weekend.

Weekly Newsflash 04.01.23

Welcome back to a new year and a new term!  It was wonderful to see the children come back with a positive attitude and ready to learn.  As well as settling back into classroom routines, these last couple of days have been spent exploring our new text in English and using a story map and drama to help understand the content.  In maths we have been looking at how to find factors of other numbers and how to use our place value understanding to multiply and divide numbers by ten.  In computing the children starting learning how to design their own web pages using Microsoft Sway whilst in art we used the surface pros to take photos which we then edited to create different effects with light and dark.  

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week!