Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Isle of Ely school is to stimulate young minds and inspire development through hands on, child centred learning; encouraging a diverse education in a safe and supportive environment. Empowering pupils by providing high-quality teaching so that they may make the right decisions throughout their education and with the support of the parents develop from childhood into confident and independent individuals who will ultimately succeed and contribute to the wider community.’  

Our Values:

We are..

I can keep trying even when I want to give up.
I am not worried about making a mistake.
I know that feeling worried is normal but I can use strategies to support me.
I can learn from my mistakes.
I know mistakes are an important part of learning.
I know what I can use to keep me going when I get stuck.
I can start a task when I don’t feel confident.
I don’t give up when something doesn’t work the first time.
I can take time out and come back if needed.
I can resist distraction.
I can cope with failure and carry on.
I know that working hard is important.
I can break down problems into smaller parts.
I can be flexible when solving problems.
I know that it is ok to feel sad and upset but I can find ways to feel better and move forward.
I believe in myself.
I can embrace challenge.


I can identify what I have done well.
I can identify what I could do differently.
I can make improvements.
I can act on feedback.
I can set myself goals.
I can explain how something has made me feel and why.
I can be honest about my actions.
I can think about my mistakes and understand what to do next time.
I can think carefully about my actions.
I understand my strengths and weaknesses.
I can be honest about my choices.

I feel proud of my work.

I can be a good friend.
I can do something nice for someone else.
I can think about how others feel.
I can try to make other people feel good.
I can share.
I am helpful.
I can speak to others respectfully and politely.
I can accept that people have different views.
I can put other people before myself.
I can ensure others are included.
I can support others with their learning.
I can take turns.
I can celebrate the successes of others.
I can listen carefully to what other people have to say.
I can apologise when I have made a mistake.
I can recognise when others are feeling sad and try to help them.


I can try new things.
I can stand up for what I think is right.
I can interrupt and question unkind behaviour.
I can take risks with my learning.
I can tell my peers when I think they are acting wrongly.
I can be a leader.
I can empower others to do the right thing.
I can lead by example.
I can challenge myself.
I strive to do my best.
I can admit when I have made a mistake.
I can ask for help if I need it.
I can face my fears.
I can make my own choices without being influenced by others.


I can take responsibility for my own learning.
I can take responsibility for my own behaviour.
I can look after my own possessions.
I can help others.
I can set myself goals.
I can take responsibility for my actions.
I can be a leader.
I can show that I can be organised.
I can ask for help at the right times.
I can try to solve a problem on my own before asking for help.
I can choose appropriate resources or people to help me.

I can be responsible for leading other children.
I can make the right choice and encourage others to do the same.
I can choose to act in a way I would if an adult is there.
I am reliable.


I am polite.
I can listen to others.
I can treat other people’s belongings respectfully.
I can value the opinions of others even when they are different from my own.
I can look after school resources.
I can look after the environment.
I can understand why we have rules and follow them.
I can use good manners.
I can listen to adults and follow instructions.
I can express gratitude.
I can take care of my classroom.
I can show tolerance for others.
I can take care of others.
I can take care of the environment.
I can learn about other cultures and religions.
I can respect people’s differences.




Our aims are aligned with the Active Learning Trust values statement: