Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Isle of Ely school is to stimulate young minds and inspire development through hands on, child centred learning; encouraging a diverse education in a safe and supportive environment. Empowering pupils by providing high-quality teaching so that they may make the right decisions throughout their education and with the support of the parents develop from childhood into confident and independent individuals who will ultimately succeed and contribute to the wider community.’  

Our Values:


To empower every pupil to take responsibility for their learning and confidently make decisions and choices for themselves.


To include all children within our school and  appreciate and celebrate our similarities and differences. We see children’s abilities, likes and dislikes as a learning opportunity for all and one which can enrich our lives.


To value and develop strong partnerships with our parents and the wider community. Acknowledging our unique role within it and contributing as citizens.


To inspire a love of learning and create a thirst for knowledge, so that every pupil strives for personal and academic excellence.


To support every child and ensure they feel valued and safe. To provide an environment where they can be recognised for their individual strengths, talents, effort and progress


To create an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration for the ideas, values and feelings of others.


Our aims are aligned with the Active Learning Trust values statement: