In line with the 2014 National Curriculum for computing, we provide a high-quality computing education which allows our children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world through digital means. Within our curriculum we acknowledge that our children have been immersed in technology in their lives outside of school and aim to build upon the digital knowledge and skills they come to school with. Our curriculum prepares our children for a life in which digital technologies will be a prominent medium both socially and vocationally. By developing their digital literacy, knowledge and skills our children will be equipped with digital competences which will allow them to thrive in an ever changing world. Our curriculum provides equal weighting to developing informed digital citizens who are able to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. This is in line with the expectations of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 and will be reviewed each year in line with any updates to this statutory guidance.


Our Computing curriculum is implemented using both a range of digital devices and where appropriate in an unplugged manner, without the use of a digital device. Computing is taught as a discrete subject in which children’s cognitive loads can be spent on learning the computing curriculum. Where children have demonstrated a firm grasp of a concept their computing skills are utilized in other subjects, for example word processing in English. The prioritisation of key vocabulary in every lesson ensures that every child becomes digitally literate and is able to communicate effectively in the domain.

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use a scheme of work provided by Purple Mash to assist us to deliver the computing national curriculum. This scheme plans out in great detail how and when computing skills and knowledge should be taught. This in depth planning ensures that children’s prior knowledge is considered and in place before children encounter a novel concept. The safeguarding of our children’s cognitive loads allows all our children to achieve success in computing. The following practices support and further strengthen the implementation of the Purple Mash scheme:

  • Application of knowledge and skills using laptop computers
  • Application of knowledge and skills using tablets and touch screen devices
  • Use of the internet
  • Use of communication platforms and programs, e.g. Purple Mash
  • Reinforcing computing concepts in other subjects, for example algorithms in Geometry (Position and Direction) in maths.
  • Teaching of concepts without the use of digital devices, e.g. debugging a set of instructions or an algorithm without the use of a digital device.
  • Teaching of safe use of technology in other subjects, e.g. PSHE and circle time for example during Anti-bullying week.


As a result of having received a computing curriculum at the Isle of Ely Primary School our children are digitally literate and prepared for their future workplace and to be active citizens in a digital world. They have a firm grasp on how to be safe, respectful and responsible when using digital devices and their associated programs. This is evidenced through the collection of a range of work samples, completed both on Purple Mash and when appropriate in other forms. This is further evident in our children’s ability to able to use their developed vocabulary to express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology.