Welcome to Year 6

Mantis and Scorpion classes are our Year 6 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.  On this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.   

Adults in our classes:

Mrs Hema Patel-Thorpe              Mrs Christy Collard


Ms Louise Bradshaw-Campbell   Mrs Hannah Delgrazia


This half term, we will be learning:


In English in the first part of this term, the pupils will be building on their previous knowledge of instructional texts to create detailed explanation texts in the context of spy devices. The pupils will explore an example and then design ad write about their own device using formal language, a range of conjunctions and other adverbials for cohesion. In the second half of the term, we will be writing a short story in which a young spy character uses his or her spy device. We will be learning more about how to use dialogue to move the story forward and to develop characters.


 This half term we will be looking at ratio and decimals. We are also shifting our focus at the end of the week towards more reasoning questions and multi-step questions in view of the SATs papers, having spent and progressed so well with the arithmetic paper.


In Science, the pupils will be building on their knowledge of Electricity and learning to build simple and parallel circuits that they can control with switches. They will also consider when and why each type of circuit is used. Further to this, they will also learn to use the symbols for each component of electrical circuits when drawing electrical circuits. The pupils will also plan and carry out investigations to explore what variables might affect circuits


This term, we will begin our topic about the suffragettes. We will be working towards considering the question, ‘Why were all women over 21 finally granted the vote in 1928?' We will be examining how and why women's political parties emerged in the UK. We will also be identifying key figures that formed the movement to women finally getting the right to form part of the electorate in 1928.


Our topic this half term is ‘North America’.  We will be learning about the individual countries that make up the continent, their different geographical features and biomes as well some of the major rivers and cities.  The children will be comparing a region of North America with the UK.       

Physical Education

This half term we will be inside doing dance and doing netball outdoors.

Religious Education

This half term in RE we will be exploring the importance of prayer, with particular focus on the Islam faith. The children will be learning about the prayer ritual performed by Muslims and when and where they pray. They will be thinking about the prayer and questioning whether this in fact leads to being a better person.


This half term we will be exploring theme and variations especially in classical music. We will be looking at this by linking the music to Pop Art; the art movement from the 1950s. We will also be exploring the sections of an orchestra and how they can contribute to the variation of a theme in music.

Personal, Social and Health Education

 This half term our focus is Dreams and Goals. In class the children will talk about their own strengths and further stretching themselves by setting challenging and realistic goals. They discuss the learning steps they can take and how to stay motivated. The children explore various global issues and explore places where people may be suffering or living in difficult situations. The children will also be exploring what they think their classmates like and admire about them as well as working on giving others praise and compliments.     


This half term we will be exploring ‘design’ in art.  We will be revisiting and extending our understanding of the different elements of art and then using these to help us plan, create and evaluate our own artwork focussing on design and style. 


We will be exploring the programming language ‘Python’ which is used in business and industry.  We will be creating designs, Islamic and Mondrian inspired art.  We will also be learning how to make code more efficient by using loops while also becoming more familiar with this text-based programming language 

DT Our DT topic this term links to our unit of work in Science. Using their understanding of electrical systems and design, pupils will be challenged with designing and creating a steady hand game. Pupils will use nets to create their bases and their knowledge of electrical circuits to build a circuit with a buzzer which closes when the handle makes contact with the wire frame.


During this half term the children will be learning about healthy eating and going market. They will revisit their knowledge of fruit and vegetable vocabulary and then move towards taking part in role play of going to market and purchasing the goods. Reading opportunities will also take place to help the children to practise and develop their pronunciation and comprehension skills.


Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kits on these days with layers for any unpredictable weather! This half term, the children will be taught tag rugby and badminton.

Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see the progress they have made.

Computing Spring A

Science Spring A

Geography Spring A

History Spring A

Music Spring A

RE Spring A

Art Spring A  


WC 05/02/2024

We really want to commend the children for how they have embraced assessment week at school. It has been a tough week but the children rose the challenge and really impressed the adults with their resilience and determination. The children have made huge progress so well done.  During the rest of the week we focused on looking at skin tones in art for our self portraits. The children also spent time in Science building the parallel circuits which tested their resilience once again as they attempted to work out what was the problem when the LED bulbs were not working. In history we concluded our suffragettes work by understanding that the vote was finally given to women on equal terms to men in 1928 in this country after continued effort from the WSPU. Finally in PE, the children put together some excellent bhangra routines, displaying the set motifs whilst adding in other dance features such as canon and unison. The children put their heart and souls into their performances and were truly outstanding. Well done Year 6 for another fantastic week! Well done!!







WC 29/01/2024

Year 6 have had an opportunity to explore their creativity in different ways this week. In Art, they worked hard to create self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo, thinking very carefully about the proportions of the face. We were so impressed with the results and are looking forward to colouring them next week. In Dance, we really enjoyed creating Bhangra dances in which we used motifs linked to the theme of farming. In Maths, we completed our ratio and proportion topic and have begun to explore decimals in more detail. The children practiced rounding to 1, 2 and 3 decimal places. In Science, we learned about parallel circuits and kill switches. The children planned steps for building a parallel circuit next week. Historical knowledge was deepened by exploring negative  attitudes to the suffragettes. The pupils were surprised to learn that many women as well as men did not think that women should get the vote. Next week, we will be carrying out another round of SATS tests. Please make sure your children get plenty of rest. Have a lovely weekend.

WC 22/01/2024

Year 6 have had a fascinating week learning about the 'deeds not words' stance taken by the suffragettes in their fight to gain the vote for women as well as really starting to think about the issues we have in the wider world today in PSHE and how we can contribute to this in a positive way with our actions and words. In English we finished our spy gadget innovative writing and we are exceptionally proud of what the children have achieved. The spy theme will continue into next week when we start to think about building dialogue into spy stories! In Art we learned about surrealism and how the artist Frida Kahlo used this style to portray her challenging and troubled life in herself portraits. This will help the children to understand how they can start to build their ideas of their own floral self portrait in the coming weeks. We ended the week with a number of experiments and understanding how increasing or decreasing voltage in a simple circuit can lead to a loud/ quiet buzzer or a faster/ slower motor. We also conducted our lemon voltage experiment to power a bulb which we learned about last week. Have a lovely weekend!


WC 15/01/2024

We have had an amazing week totally dominated by the Arts! Not only did many of the year 6 pupils get to go to 'Young Voices' at the O2, but we also had our first Isle of Ely Talent Show which was won by Year 6's very own Mayor and Mayoress doing an amazing Nigerian dance. We also managed to work on other areas. In Maths, we have been learning about Ratio and Proportion. Pupils have been able to use lists, counters and bar models to solve ratio problems. In Science, we have planned an experiment in which we will create batteries using lemons and copper and zinc household items. In English, the pupils have begun to create their very own spy gadgets and are explaining why they are such a useful tool. We learned in History about Cambridgeshire's very own Millicent Fawcett who was the leader of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Society. She also founded Girton College.


WC 08/01/24

It has been another busy week in Y6 as we start to return to our action packed routine. The children have spent their mornings as soon as they come into school focusing on some 3 for 3 maths, reading and grammar SATs style questions. In maths we finished our metric measure unit and the children have also focused on the visualisation reasoning strategy and in particular, bar modelling as tool to help solve complex word problems. In English we continued our work on explanations texts and have started to explore the writing features seen in this text type – such as relative clauses, subordinating conjunctions and time adverbials. The children have also built up vocabulary lists in their writer’s journals to aid their innovations and upcoming hot write. We finished the week having lots of fun exploring the horizontals links between art and specifically pop art, and music by exploring theme and variation. Through the use of body percussion - including some beat boxing and innovative dance moves from our dance lesson last week – the children composed some upbeat variations of our lesson music theme. The children have shown us that they are working hard at their SATS Boot Camp homework and we are incredibly pleased with the determination and effort they are all putting in to this already. Well done Year 6! Have a lovely weekend.


WC 31/12/24

Happy New Year. Your children have made an amazing start. On Monday we will give you our plan for the term, the homework timetable and add all the knowledge organisers. In the meantime, I am adding the powerpoint from last night. Have a wonderful weekend.YR 6 SATS Parent's Presentation


WC 11/12/2023

The penultimate week has been nothing short of amazing. The pupils have had the chance to show what they have learned and produced some wonderful double-paged spreads for History. They have also edited and put their neat copies of some very creepy stories into their best copy books. The teachers have been so impressed with their work. In art, they made tiles out of clay and decorated them using geometric and organic patterns. It was very fiddly but the pupils were pleased with the results. In DT, we have designed and begun to make automata toys. Pupils were given a task of designing a moving object for a shop window. They have shown that they really work well together in groups and are able to problem-solve when things don't go as planned. Lastly, in PHSE, we continued to explore the impact of unkind behaviour.  We watched a short film called Are You Okay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJsGGsPNakw that examined the impact of cruel behaviour on people. The children were able discuss, with great sensitivity, how harmful cruel comments can be. We then spoke unkindly to one apple and kindly to another. The pupils were surprised when we cut them open to find that the apple we had been unkind to was bruised inside. We have agreed how important it is that we are kind. We also all enjoyed the amazing Rocksteady workshop. Well done to Year 6s very own rock star, Tom. Rock on!

Finally, we sent out a survey to find out the best way to share some information about arranging an offer of additional SATs preparation sessions. If you haven't already, you can complete the survey here. Thanks.

WC 04/12/2023

It has been another busy week in Year 6 as we approach the start of the Christmas break. The children have been working incredibly hard in on a suspense thriller in English and have really taken on board our task of creating a chilling atmosphere in our next piece of writing. They have taken many of the tools we have worked on this half term and have skilfully produced some excellent writing. In DT, we have started to created the frames of our automata toy and some of the moving parts which will take centre stage of our shop front window. In Science we have started planning our double page spread on the classification system where the children are pulling together and displaying all their half term knowledge on why and how we classify all living things. Finally, in maths, we are coming to the end of our fraction unit and have looked at the final two operations - multiplication and division of integers and fractions. We hope the children are not too exhausted from our annual Santa dash! Have a lovely restful weekend all!

WC 27/11/2023

What a busy week! It has been a tough five days for the children as we sat another round of SATs papers. They have all worked so hard this term and this is clearly visible in their progress in all the tests. Well done! When they have not been doing tests, the children have spent some time reminiscing about their holidays around the country and looking at these locations on an atlas in Geography. Whilst examining at lure of these locations they have also been discussing the wider impact of tourism on the local environment. In History we have looked at the Home Front and how the Defence of the Realm Act in 1914 helped the Government in Britain control the effort required at home to keep the country going during World War 1. We finished the busy week planning our half term DT project – automata toys for shop front window displays. We have a Christmas theme and the children have enjoyed working together in pairs to design their masterpieces which we will start to construct next week. Have a lovely weekend all!


WC 20/11/2023

We have had a great week. The pupils have completed a hot task for English in which they have demonstrated their new found capacity for characterisation. W are impressed by how far they have come since the beginning of the year. In Maths, they have worked hard to add and subtract mixed and improper fractions. In science, they learned a useful acronym 'King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti' to help them remember the levels of biological classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. In history, the children were fascinated to learn about Life in the Trenches in WW1. If you get a chance, please explore: http://www.elyww1.net/elys-war-memorials.html as it has some fascinating information about local men who lost their lives during that time. The pupils have also enjoyed creating tessellating pictures in art.

W/C 13/11/2023

It has been yet another busy week in Year 6. Innovation has been the focus in this week’s English lessons where the children have had great fun writing their character innovation stories based on Oliver Twist. We have learned how to showcase many grammatical and figurative writing features whilst demonstrating how we can ‘show not tell’ both sympathetic and unsympathetic characters in our stories. In maths we have started our fractions unit where the children have learned how to order, add and subtract same and different denominator fractions. The percussion instruments came out in force in the music lesson as the children explored the concepts of pitch, texture and dynamics whilst trying to compose a piece of music on the theme of waves following the previous lesson on Mendelson’s Fingal’s Cave. Have a fantastic weekend!I


W/C 06/11/2023

Firstly, we would like to thank you for attending parent evening. It is so important that we take these opportunities to communicate so that we can work together to help children reach their full potential as learners and be happy, productive human beings. The pupils have had another excellent week. They have enjoyed exploring the order of operations and in maths, and applied themselves to exploring possible strategies for mental calculations. It is wonderful watching them be open to exploring a range of skills. In English, we have really enjoyed exploring the make-up of a villain. We have looked at how creating intricate details, character flaws and a back story can enrich a character. The pupils are showing an ever increasing creativity and understanding of the importance of accuracy when writing. In science, we learned about how we can classify living things into 5 kingdoms. In Geography, we explored the changing face of the British economy. Our class book, Pig Heart Boy has led to some very interesting discussions on the pros and cons of using animal organs to save human lives. We also created art works in which we explored the concept of geometric and organic shapes.

Finally, Next week is Anti-Bullying week. Please explore the parents and carers page here for more information and resources. The BBC’s Own It page also has a whole suite of links and clips to support your child with online behaviours.

W/C 18/12/2023

Well what a week! It was a short week but we packed in the festive activities around the learning. Firstly, thank you to all the parents that attended the decoration morning. We hope you enjoyed the time with children and have homes adorned with glittery bobble hat garlands and shining bright with their winter lanterns. The children spent a lot of time working incredibly hard on their history and science double page spreads this week and also editing and copying their English suspense stories into their neat books. As usual we have been impressed with how far they have all come on with their writing and presentation. We also spent a lot of time this week working on out automata toys in DT. The resilience and team work came through this week as they worked together in pairs to create their moving toy and again are all incredibly happy with the results. The children have really enjoyed working on the festive themed DT toy and it was a lovely way to end the short but busy festive week. Finally, we would just like to say, well done to all the children for all their hard work and effort this first term. We hope they have a well-deserved rest and wish you all a merry Christmas!