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Mantis Class is one of the Year 6 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.  On this page, you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.    

The adults who work in our class are:

Mrs Patel-Thorpe                       Mrs Christy Collard                Mrs Beth Wilshin
Class Teacher                            Learning Support Assistant    Learning Support Assistant


P.E. for Autumn Term

We have PE on Thursdays (outdoors) and Fridays (indoors).  Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kits on these days with layers for any unpredictable weather!

This half term, we will be learning:


In English, the pupils will be reading The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton. It is a rich and exciting story that excites and stimulates the pupils. The pupils will explore the themes of the text in depth and use it as a stimulus for their independent writing. This term we are focusing on producing work that demonstrates the pupils can produce a range of text-types. We will be producing letters, a play-script, a Greek Myth and a non-chronological report. The pupils will be ensuring that they use a wide variety of sentence structures, formal and informal voice, high-level vocabulary, figurative language and the full range of punctuation. Pupils will draft and re-draft work with a focus on independence and craft.


We will start this half-term by continuing to explore decimals, percentages and fractions.  The children will be revising how to recognise equivalency as well as how to accurately find fractions and percentages of different amounts.  We will also be introducing the children to algebra and building on their current understanding of measurement, ratio and proportion.  As we move ever closer to the Year 6 SATs tests in May, we will continue to practice using calculation methods accurately and solving reasoning problems in different contexts effectively. 


In this unit, pupils will look more closely at light and how it behaves. They will learn that light is the visible part of a spectrum of energy. Pupils will be reminded that some surfaces reflect light, some allow it to pass through them and some block it. They will look again at shadows and how light travels. Pupils will test the hypothesis that shadows are always the same shape as the object that made them. They will work scientifically to plan how to test the hypothesis, before carrying it out. Pupils will also look at how the eye functions, how light travels through it and how our brain receives messages from the eye. Going beyond the national curriculum requirements, pupils will also look at prisms and how they split white light into its constituent colours. This will give pupils some prior knowledge when they come to study the different frequencies of light and prisms in KS3 Physics. Unit Rationale Light (Physics) Year 6 Finally, pupils will use their knowledge of how light behaves to make a periscope. This will help them to see that by understanding the behaviour of light, scientists and engineers have harnessed light to create a device that can help us see something that is out of our line of sight.


This half term we will be spending the next 6 weeks trying to answer our big question of what were the contributing factors to the outbreak of World War 2? During the lessons, we will be exploring how Germany was impacted by the Treaty of Versailles on 1919 and the growth of Nazi Party. We will be trying to understand what life was like for the German people as well as others in Nazi Germany and how this led to the outbreak of World War 2.


In geography this half term we will be learning about the South American continent. We will start by looking at the history of the continent with a focus on the Incan Empire and how they became excellent engineers navigating their way around the Andes mountains. We will also be looking Brazil and the fragile rainforests with an environmental focus and as well looking at the Caribbean islands and the diverse nature of the islands due their plantations.

Physical Education

This half term we will be inside doing yoga and doing netball outdoors.  In yoga the children will be exploring different stretches and balances linked to traditional stories and salutations.  During our netball lessons the children will work on their shoulder and chest passes as well as how to maintain the proper footwork technique before applying these skills in a game situation where they can apply their understanding of attack, defence and how to use space effectively.    

Religious Education

In R.E. this half term, the children will be exploring the importance of being good in different religions and how religions place a focus on being good. We will specifically be looking at Christianity, Islam and Judaism and what their teachings and scriptures describe being good looks like. We will also be exploring why we think religions face such a large emphasis on being good. 


Our topic this half term in Music is Film Music. The children will develop knowledge of how important soundtrack and background music is in films and how this is composed by film music composers. We will learning how to identify and understand the composing techniques that create action, tension and emotion in film music. The children will then, using their knowledge from last half term on graphic scores, make up their own graphic score interpretation.

Personal, Social and Health Education

This half term we will be completing our unit on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).  We will sensitively and respectfully be covering the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty, conception and birth in humans.  We will also be exploring the characteristics of healthy relationships between people at different stages of life as well as recognising different family situations.  An information letter with further details about this unit was sent out before half-term, please do contact the office if you didn’t receive this.


In Art this half term we will be looking at Victorian architecture and the revival of gothic and neo-classical architecture in buildings designed and constructed during the Victorian era. We will looking in detail at the Houses of Parliament and other well-known buildings of this era. We will also be looking at the Pre-Raphaelites, the Victorian artists of the 1840-50s and in particular looking at the work of Rossetti and Millais.

Design & Technology

This term, pupils will be investigating Structures with the theme of ‘playgrounds’. They will research existing playground equipment and their different forms, before designing and developing a range of apparatus to meet a list of specified design criteria. They will work in groups to create five apparatus designs, applying the design criteria to their work. They will make a range of landscape features using a variety of materials which will enhance their apparatus.


Our unit this half term is ‘Big Data’.  Big Data describes the way companies and organisations use data in their work.  The children will be learning about how bar codes and QR codes work, how infrared waves are used for transmitting data whilst also having a go at creating their own QR codes to collect and share data with each other. 


This half term in Spanish we will be extending our knowledge of body parts from the detailed parts of the face to other parts of the body as well as extending the nouns with adjectives. We will revisit the grammar of masculine and feminine nouns in Spanish and the plural equivalents of the nouns. We will also be extending our knowledge with further rehearsal and practice by linking the Spanish vocabulary learned in a yoga-themed unit of work.


Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see the progress they have made.


Computing Summer A

Science Summer A

Geography Summer A

History Summer A

Music Summer A

RE Summer A

Art Summer A

Spanish Summer A

Weekly newsflash: wc 22/05/2023

This week has been Arts Week and Year 6 have had the chance to try lots of different activities including dance, gel printing, ink printing and sewing.  It was great to be able to try different things that we hadn't thought of doing before and some of us surprised ourselves with hidden skills.  We're really grateful to all of the visiting artists who came to work with us.  

As well as this we have been planning and rewriting our own openings to 'Macbeth' as well as completing end of unit assessments to share our new knowledge in RE (Peace), History (WW2) and Science (Asexual plant reproduction).  

We hope everyone has a fantastic half-term.  

Weekly newsflash: wc 08/05/2023

The children have had a really tough week sitting their SATs but all the hard work paid off. They all rose to the occasion and worked incredibly hard sitting all their papers. Having had four mornings of tests it was lovely to see the children finally have an opportunity to relax this afternoon so although the weather didn’t help, we managed to squeeze in lots of board games and activities. In History, we learned about the Government use of propaganda in Britain during WW2 and in music we have continued our WW2 songs singing with some harmonisation. The children certainly now deserve a well-earned weekend off. Well done Year 6!


Weekly newsflash: wc 02/05/2023

We have crammed a great deal into this four day week. We have revised the last few areas in Spag and maths in preparation for next week. Pupils especially enjoyed learning about unsung heroes and heroines from around the globe who fought in WW2. In Science we learned about animal reproduction, specifically finding out about internal and external fertilization.

We are now in the last few days before SATs and it is vital that you use your time this weekend (remember, it’s 3 days long) wisely.  This is your homework for this weekend.  Please complete as many of these activities as possible.

•            Go on a walk, bike or scooter ride

•            Read a book

•            Watch your favourite TV programme

•            Smile

•            Eat Haribo or ice-cream

•            Spend time with people you love

•            Laugh until you cry and your tummy hurts

•            Go outside and enjoy the weather (hopefully!)

•            Go for a swim

•            Listen to music

•            Spend time on your favourite hobby

•            Rest

•            See your friends (not just messaging them online)

•            Run until you just can’t anymore

•            Cook or bake something tasty

•            Have more Haribo and ice-cream

•            Do something you have never done before

If you feel like you want to you may of course revise BUT you can only do this for a maximum of 2 hours total. 

REMEMBER:  Your teachers are in charge of worrying – you don’t need to.  You are all amazing and have worked incredibly hard, We couldn’t be more proud of you. 

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend! 

Weekly newsflash: wc 24/04/2023

This week the children have been finishing and editing their non-chronological reports on Ancient Greek beasts and many have now started the process of creating a fully illustrated version in their pink 'best' books.  We've been really impressed with the range of vocabulary and specific text features many of them have incorporated.  In science we dissected flowers to look at the different male and female parts required for sexual reproduction.  Our learning in history moved on to exploring some key land battles during WW2 and in RE we discussed how different major world religions promote the idea of peace.  All of the children continue to work hard on their revision ahead of the Key Stage 2 SATs coming very soon and we're really proud of the resilience and determination we have seen from so many.  We hope everyone enjoys the first 3 day weekend and we look forward to seeing the children back on Tuesday. 

Weekly newsflash: wc 17/04/2023

We have all come back to school feeling fully-refreshed, ready for an action-packed final term. This week the children spent some time planting garlic, ginger and potatoes and completed the start of a weekly observation experiment; hopefully leading them to witness asexual reproduction taking place which forms part of our new science topic this half term. In history, we looked at the two sides that took part in World War 2; the Axis and the Allies and their leaders at start and end of the war. The children also started to explore World War music with our horizontal link to music this term and listened to some Vera Lynn. They were able to look at the contrasting features of the music composed during WW1 to that of WW2. In Spanish we are starting to learn about illnesses and learn how we say we are feeling unwell using our vocabulary learned last term; parts of the body. It has been a busy week, fitting in all of the above whilst recapping and revising as much maths, grammar and reading skills as we can muster but the children have built incredible resilience over the year and have had a wonderful week. Have a lovely weekend!

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